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Certified trainer & EDUCATOR


I am a certified trainer, educator and mom.

I believe everyone can fall in love with getting fit and healthy, and trainers can help their clients spark that love by making movement enjoyable!

I'm constantly evolving and growing as a trainer. Always mixing it up by incorporating a variety of equipment and fitness games that keep my clients moving, getting stronger and having fun. Whether you are looking to spice up your fitness routine in my classes; or a trainer looking for fresh ideas to better serve your clients, I’m here for you!

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fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Discover how to take baby steps to wellness, implement easy and simple healthy habits, hop off the diet train, achieve lasting results, transform your mind and feel great in your own skin!

the trainer's trainer

You don't have to go at this alone! Welcome to my online home where you will find video tutorials, and fresh new ideas... everything you need to build a consistent profitable and purpose filled business!

Being your own boss, creating a business from the ground up, and having the freedom to live the life you want is something anyone can have- and yet very few accomplish.

My goal at KC Fitness is to take my experience, knowledge and passion for the job and share it with as many fitness professionals as possible!

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