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enhance office moral, WELL-BEING, and productivity of your employees.
Elevate is a Health and Wellness Program that delivers lasting results! We focuses on building one healthy habit at a time to promote enduring transformation. Elevate is designed to engage individuals at their current level ensuring inclusivity, effectiveness and enjoyment.   
engagement, education, and execution

personalized wellness assesments

Tailored assessments to understand the unique needs and goals of each participant.

engaging workshops

Interactive sessions covering topics such as the power of protein, why intermittent fasting is beneficial, basics of strength training, the greatness of grounding, and minutes to mindfulness.

individual group challenges

Fun and collaborative challenges to foster a sense of accountability, community and camaraderie among employees.

A practical program

Effortless integration, user-friendly tools, minimal time commitment which makes implementation simple and effective.
Kerrie founder of Elevate

Kerrie Davanon

Wellness coach & founder of Elevate

Kerrie DaVanon is a highly regarded wellness coach and the owner of Happy Hour Fit Club, an outdoor fitness program for women. She has worked with hundreds of women all over Orange County, California for the past decade changing one life at a time.  She is a sought after wellness coach. As a wellness coach she can help anyone looking to live a healthier life  

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Implementation of the program

Kerrie’s Style: Highly engaging; delivers content coupled with facilitating a lot of participant interaction; FUN and entertaining; teaches reality-based, practical, simple and easy actionable learnings which can be immediately used in everyday life.

Each Engagement is custom tailored for the client:  The primary goal is to deliver HIGH IMPACT programs which focus on specific messaging and desired outcomes for each individual or team.  

Before we start, here is what to expect....

Personalized Wellness Assessments: Tailored assessments to understand the unique needs and goals of each participant.
Engaging Workshops and Seminars: Interactive sessions covering topics such as stress management, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.
Individual and Group Challenges: Fun and collaborative challenges to foster a sense ofaccountability, community and camaraderie among employees.
A Practical Program: effortless integration, user-friendly tools, minimal timecommitment which makes implementation simple and effective.


commit to change
Developing a year long, all encompassing fitness program can prove highly effective in not only sustaining employees’ enthusiasm and dedication towards their health and well-being but also cultivate a sense of community.

This expanded plan provides a well-rounded and engaging fitness challenge program for the entire year. It covers various aspects of wellness, from physicalactivity to nutrition, mindfulness, and gratitude, while also introducing new challenges to keep participants motivated and excited about their well-being journey. Adjust the plan to fit your organization's specific needs and goals.


New Beginings:

Kickoff the year by creating a Fitness Bucket List and discover the power of SACRED Habits!
Employees create a personal Fitness Bucket List Discover the power of SACRED habits and how it leads to lasting change


heart health:

Focus on cardiovascular health by participating in a walking/running challenge.
Challenge: Walking/Running Challenge



Practice mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction techniques  
Challenge: Post-it Note Challenge


Nutrition & healthy eating:

Explore the power of protein and track your in-take. Educate employees about the importance of protein.
Challenge: Protein Tracker


physical activity:

Discover how to think outside the box when it comes to exercise.
Challenge: 2, 4, 6, 8, Go Ahead and Create


sleep & relaxation:

Prioritize healthy sleep habits and relaxation techniques for better sleep quality.



Learn about the most underrated weight loss tool and the benefits of being well-hydrated
Challenge: Gallon Challenge


mindful eating:

Explore why we snack and how to change things up.
Challenge: Bag It Challenge


Veg Out:

Discover why eating vegetable is crucial to your health and new ways to incorporate theminto your daily diet.
Challenge: A Veggie A Day


healthy Habits:

Sugar Shake Up. Understand that sugar may be your drug of choice, how much is too much, what it does to your body and understand this toxic substance.
Challenge: Sugar Spy



Practice gratitude and focus on the positive aspects of your life. Learn how to implement a 5-minute morning practice that will change your day.
Challenge: Daily Devotion Challenge


join the hustle:

Join the ever-popular and super fun Holiday Hustle.

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