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Wondee M

"Working out with HHFC has become an integral part of my weekly routine."

Working out with HHFC has become an integral part of my weekly routine. I have been a member for several years and always feel challenged. I absolutely love working out outside surrounded by women of all levels of fitness with one goal in mind.... To become fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kerrie is always so inspiring and motivating! The workouts are never the same, but are always challenging. HHFC offers so many different ways outside of our daily workouts to engage and become more physically fit. Races, mud runs, hikes, walks, and weekly ultimate frisbee games that have connected so many people through activity. A couple times a year, the trainers at HHFC also host and participate in a weight loss challenge. Kerrie always makes the weight loss challenge educational, motivating, interactive, and always fun to be a part of. "Come as you are" .... is always Kerrie's motto and I know that you will feel the strength in women, community, and camaraderie!! Join us!

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