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Ultimate Frisbee- The Ultimate Game Changer

I had no idea that a simple game of Ultimate Frisbee would bring so much joy and love to my life and my community.

Do you love to run?


Hard Pass?

Well join the club!!!! Not many of us love to run for running sake. 

I have discovered we enjoy running when there is a purpose!

Ya know… chasing someone… catching something…

Over the years I have incorporated games into my fitness classes. Games to get ourcompetitive juices flowing and keep our mind busy. We forget we don’t likerunning because we are having too much fun to think about it!

One game that everyone … okay…okay … well 98% of everyone has fallen in love withis Ultimate Frisbee! Not to be confused with frisbee golf.  LOL

Through playing ultimate frisbee in my classes I realized this was the perfect game because no matter someone’s age, gender, athletic ability- it leveled the playing field and everyone felt they fit!

I decided since my group loved it so much, I’d start a (free) pick up game on Saturday mornings. The games were open to anyone who wanted to play- they did not need to be a member of Happy Hour Fit Club.

As a trainer, I’ve always offered opportunities outside of classes (races, hikes,beach walks etc…) to get my clients engaged in movement. Over the years I’ve witnessed how engaging in one activity we love makes all the difference. We become inspired, excited and consistent which leads to living a healthier lifestyle.

So bright and early one Saturday morning many years ago, I drove to the local park with my pinnies, cones and a frisbee and set up a field to prepare to play. To my surprise only four of us showed. I was disappointed. But we tossed around the frisbee and decided we would try again next week. The following weekend 8 people showed up and Saturday Morning Ultimate Frisbee was born.

Every weekend that passed more and more people came out to play. We played on holiday weekends. We played and picnicked after the game. We played at night when Saturdays weren’t convenient. We played when we had days off during the holidays. We played every chance we got! 

Now who can believe eight years later we still gather on Saturday mornings to get our Frisbee game on! 

It's been an honor to be apart of this group. I truly feel like the lucky one!

When I am out and about in town, at parties or on the frisbee field I often have people pull me aside to thank me. They express how grateful they are for Saturday morning Frisbee and often say every friend they have everyone they know has stemmed from playing frisbee!

I had no idea that a simple game of Ultimate Frisbee would bring so much joy and love to my life and to my community.

In Wellness & Friendship,

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