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30 Days To A Healthier You

Ready! Set! Rejuvinate!

Do you need a reboot? Silly question! At one time or another don't well all?  

Are you looking for a program that is easy to implement and will deliver results?

Want to clean up your gut, lose weight, fill your body with nutrients, kick bad habits? If so I have a plan for you!

It’s a 30 day program where you fuel your body to perfection and give your body the chance to do what it does best!

Our body is the ultimate machine and when fueled correctly amazing things happen.

I believe in intuitive eating and eating real food. I am not one to jump on fad diets and diet plans in general. But I also believe at times we need a kick-start. A time to change things up and get back on track.

Eating healthy is simple but it is not easy. 99% of success is found in preparation. I look at it this way- we either spend our energy planning our meals and snacks or we spend our energy beating ourselves up because we just grabbed a bag of Doritos or processed food for lunch.

This 30 day program is the easiest program I have ever followed. 


-Shakes make prep easy because it’s simple to be prepare, have on hand and taste yummy. 

-Dinner is the meal you need to prep for. Recipes are provided and not only do I eat healthier but my family does as well.

I am here for you! I will be your personal coach throughout the 30 days. I am your direction booklet, problem solver and hand holder. I have a wealth of information (tips and tricks) which will help you be successful in implemeting this program!

With one click of a button you will have everything delivered at your doorstep within days. 

The 30 Day Kit Includes:

2 bags of vegan and organic protein

2 boxes (30 on a box) of Fizz (a healthy energy drink)

A fiber supplement

A greens supplement

A Pre and Probiotic supplement

7 day ginger lemonade cleanse

Detox tea

Once you purchase the 30 Day Kit you will be invited to join our online group via a free app called Band. On the app youwill find weekly meal plans, recipe ideas, printable materials (30 daycalendar, snack ideas and foods to avoid and include) as well as connectingwith other peeps on the 30 day!

Steps to Get Started   

1.    Go to and order the 30 days to a healthier set

2.    You will become a preferred member this will apply 20%off the set and all products you purchase for a year

3.    Chose your protein and fizz flavors

4.    Say yes to the online invite and get familiar with the program

5.    Set a date to start and off you go!!!!

Please reach out to me via phone or email if you would like to learn more or get started.

In Health,


In Wellness & Friendship,

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