I am thrilled to be an instructor at Happy Hour Fit Club. I have coached sports in Illinois, basketball in Texas, PE in Qatar and tennis in Jordan.

Coaching is in my blood. It is part of my being. When running road races or triathlons I cheer on others who are running next to me. When I see folks jogging past my house I give them a high-five. I love it. I live for it. I love to see people give 100% and conquer their goals.

I have been involved in many group fitness classes all over the world. I have NEVER found one as amazing as Happy Hour Fit Club. In addition to receiving a full body workout, which is done at one’s own pace, the friendships and camaraderie that exist within the club are truly remarkable. As a new resident of California I am proud to be a part of such a cutting edge, innovative program that focuses on individual goals. I look forward to helping others achieve their fullest fitness potential while making friends and building relationships in the process.