What’s FITCLUBgirlz All About? It’s about putting the FUN back into fitness with a girls fitness class.

This girls fitness class is geared toward girls grades 2nd-5th. It meets on Wednesday after school from 2-3pm at Rush Park in Rossmoor.

This girls fitness class begins with a dynamic warm up followed by a fun game- to get the girls moving. Next, we will move into “Form First” I teach proper form of a particular exercise.


  • Learn the importance of daily exercise
  • Build positive attitudes towards healthy eating and movement
  • Become more physically active and enjoy it; they will be excited to “workout”
  • Make decisions that will lead to a healthier lifestyle
  • Have a positive effect on the whole family
  • Gain muscle and endurance
  • Participate in races and active events in the community
  • Make new friends, and have lots and lots of fun!


Ending the class with Show and Tell (nutrition component) and static stretching.

Fitness activities such as games, relay races and obstacle courses are the focus of the class and include a variety of equipment: stability balls, resistance bands, sandbells, dumbbells, battle ropes, jump ropes, hurdles, agility ladders, sports equipment, play ground equipment etc…

Building core strength

Strength starts are our core! This FITCLUBgirl is working hard – triceps pull-ups with a TRX Band! One of the many “toys” we use at FCG!

Tag, you’re it!

We love tag games! Tag games make running fun and filled with laughter! We play tag, freeze tag, pull the flag tag, ameoba tag, dance tag… just to name a few FUN variations of the game.

Show and tell (nutrition talk)

Every class ends with Show and Tell (A Nutrition Talk). We talk about reading ingredients, persuasive packaging, the 80/20 rule, healthy snacks, how to fuel your body etc… This is also a time where girls make S.M.A.R.T goals!